Overview –

The MRCP Part 1 is the first written exam in a three part exam to become a Member of the Royal College of Physicians

There are two papers. Each is 3 hours in duration and contains 100 multiple choice questions

It can be taken once you have 12 months experience in employment once graduating medical school

It is essential that you have completed all three parts to continue specialty training in the UK

There is plenty of information on the official website for the MRCP

Get a question bank

Questions, questions, questions! Try to do as many as you can before the exam

There are a handful of question banks out there – PassMedicine is our preferred bank but they will all have trial questions that you can try

It is not just about doing the questions – but learning from them.

Get something wrong? Write it down and revise the topic

Active learning

Don’t waste your time writing reams and reams of notes – this is not an effective way to learn

Instead, write down the wrong answers and test yourself using flash cards or online apps like Quizlet

Repeat each topic over set time periods such as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month to ensure lasting knowledge

Schedule your time

Know when the date of the exam is

There are typically 4 sittings/diets per year. This should hopefully allow you a time where you are less busy to study

Typically it takes 2-4 months to study for this. This is obviously very dependent on how much time you can put in per day or week and how much previous knowledge you have. The strongest candidates are typically those who have most recently done their med school exams. So, sit this one as soon as you can!

Mock exams

Each year the MRCP offer a few full practice exams to do. Make sure to do these before the exam. They will have the full 100 questions per paper so you can see how you are for timing.

The link is below


Game day! Tips for the big day!

Try to relax – the hard work is done now

Make sure your enivronment is comfortable if you are doing it online

If you are doing it at a centre, give your plenty of time to get there on the day. Remember to bring the write documentation and ID. Bring snacks and water.

Written 24/11/2021

Author Augustus Diaz