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Medical indemnity

You have to tell MPS/MDU that you are doing a locum year. It’s very easy just give them a call. Call them and get a quote and pick the best one, don’t settle for the first one you get!

This year, many people have noticed MDU has been quite expensive. They have quotes around £315 for an SHO locum! MPS however is around £79 a year for nontraining SHO.


If you are with an agency – your agency will do your DBS and you can then work for multiple trusts without redoing your DBS again. You will still have to pay for the DBS yourself.

If you are on a bank, each trust will want a new DBS.

TOP TIP: It’s worth signing up to the DBS update service. Once you have a DBS check you will get 14 days to sign up to the update service which is around £13 a year. It’s a tiny fee for you to not have to worry about your DBS again. It also speeds up the process so you don’t have to wait as long for your DBS to come through when starting a new job.


If you start at a new trust you (and leave your previous one), you should call and tell HMRC as soon as possible so they don’t tax you for having two jobs.

They will ask you an estimate of what you will earn that year (take into account time off you want to take when you give this figure).

If you work at multiple trusts: second jobs are taxed at 40% on PAYE. If you can call HMRC and try and explain the situation and who your main trust is or you can leave this you can wait for your rebate at the end of the year (p800).

Signing up to agency AND bank

This is very much trust dependent. Some trusts don’t mind, others will not allow you to join the bank if you are with an agency.
Working for the trust directly: you usually get sent the shifts first. The hourly rate is often lower than with an agency.
Agencies: you can join as many as you want. This can give you more choice where you work. It may be confusing with your tax code.

Messly have created a new resource to find locum work:

Open Access Portfolios:

Med All are a fantastic company that provide a FREE open access portfolio for F3’s in the UK.
They can help you collect all the information you need for your appraisal including TABS and generate a MAG form for you and transform it into the correct format for various interviews.
See the link below: