Following the end of my F2 I was a at a bit at a loss of what I wanted to achieve, especially during the COVID pandemic. I remember having fears regarding shift availability, not having an established source of income and regarding the chances of contracting COVID.

Now that I am four months in, I have to say that while the lockdown has restricted matters, I feel it was the right decision personally. I have been working in a medical assessment unit and I feel like I have learnt so much. I feel more confident as a doctor and have felt that my decision making has really improved. I also feel more better prepared to assume responsibility.

This year has started off with more of a work life balance personally. It has also helped me improve professionally. It has given me a chance to not just stick to ward work but improving my skill set such as learning how to perform Lumbar puncture.

Fortunately, I had locummed a few times prior to my F3 and knew the rota co-ordinators. This is advantageous as you can build rapport with them in order to acquire a good flow of shifts.

A drawback is if you or a housemate acquire COVID as there is not sick pay available, but the rates generally are more generous than that of a F2.

In conclusion, I think a F3 is a good choice for most. It gives an opportunity to build medical skills, your CV and experience. It can also help consolidate information from previous day. I recommend it highly – hopefully COVID will not restrict things as much next year!

Article written by Dr. Akin Falase 02/12/20