My job: Junior Clinical Fellow in Acute Medicine at Northampton General Hospital.

I chose this because:
– I completed my FY1 training here and wanted some familiarity
– A healthy learning environment
– Being close to home
– Experience in the acute medicine department

As a trust grade, it is easier to get involved with QI projects, teaching and research projects to help build up a portfolio for applications but you get less flexibility as opposed to signing up to locum shifts. I am however able to sign up to locum shifts via the patchwork app if I want any additional shifts which is quite handy.

I would say the main tips for doing an F3 is to take your time in deciding what you are interested in doing and explore different options if you are feeling curious.

Why I took an F3:
I wanted to enjoy my year out of training to pursue my interests outside of medicine that I felt were important to me which I could not make time for whilst training. I also wanted to prepare for interviews and exams etc. I have been able to use my F3 year so far to reflect on what is important to me in a career and outside of medicine so it has been nice to have a bit of a breather post F1/F2.

My posts was advertised on the NHS trac jobs website.

Article written by Dr. Anisha Roopram