What is Revalidation?

Revalidation is an evaluation of your fitness to practice. Every doctor who has a medical licence (from the GMC) has to have one every 5-8 years to show they are up to date and fit to practice.

You usually revalidate from a five yearly recommendation from your responsible officer and through having annual appraisals. The GMC use your appraisals and this recommendation to revalidate your license so you can continue to practice medicine in the UK.

(If you’re in training this is done by engaging with the requirements of the training programme i.e. ARCP)

What is an appraisal?

Appraisals, done annually, require you to demonstrate your continued commitment to meeting the principles outlined in the GMC’s Good medical practice.

The GMC outline 6 types of supporting information to collect, reflect on and discuss at your appraisal:
1 Continuing professional development
2 Quality improvement activity
3 Significant events
4 Feedback from patients or those to whom you provide medical services
5 Feedback from colleagues
6 Compliments and complaints

By having all of the above, the GMC say you will demonstrate the 12 attributes that are required of you outlined in their document – Good medical practice for appraisals and revalidation.
This is essentially a mark scheme: https://www.gmc-uk.org/-/media/documents/The_Good_medical_practice_framework_for_appraisal_and_revalidation___DC5707.pdf_56235089.pdf
Good to print off and compare your appraisal.

Please see the appraisal in depth page for exactly what these 6 criteria involve.

This is what the GMC expects of you. However, the trust/agency you do your appraisal with may have extra things they require of you. Some want CBDs, dops and mini-cex. Please see if your trust is in our “trust specific appraisal” section and if not, email your appraisal lead and ask exactly what they want you to do so there are no surprises later.

Do I have to do one?

You must participate in a whole practice appraisal every year unless there are clear and reasonable mitigating circumstances e.g. sickness leave, maternity leave. If you have a clear and reasonable reason they say you don’t have to do 5 appraisals inorder to revalidate.
Essentially, yes if you can do one please do!

This seems like a lot of work, I wanted a break from portfolio this year!

It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually much simpler than the portfolio work needed in F1 and F2. You’ll find it’s relatively easy once you get started.

How do I get an appraiser as a bank doctor/junior clinical fellow?

Some trust’s revalidation/appraisal team will contact you directly by email once you change your designated body and responsible officer on your GMC online account. To be on the safe side, it is worth going through switch to the revalidation/appraisal team or emailing them. Try searching for “appraisal” or “revalidation” on your trust’s email directory and getting in contact to let them know who you are.

What if I’m with an agency?

Agencies will do your appraisal for you. This will come at a cost whereas if you are a bank doctor, appraisals are free.

What is a designated body and a responsible officer?

A designated body is the organisation that you are connected with (professionally, educationally or for employment), this will be your trust if you are a bank doctor.

A responsible officer (RO) is a senior clinician in a Designated Body who makes sure you continue to practice safely and are properly supported and managed in maintaining their professional standards.

How do I find out my designated body and my RO are?

This is a GMC list of all the designated bodies and their associated responsible officers with email addresses also! https://www.gmc-uk.org/-/media/documents/DB_list_with_RO_details___DC3503.pdf_52637845.pdf (last updated 06/07/2020)

What system do I use to collect all my information?

Each trust has it’s own version. It’s worth asking your trust what system they use and how they want you to collect information. If they have a system – you have to use it.
If they don’t have a system – there is a Medical appraisal guide (MAG) model appraisal form available. You can find it here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/medical-revalidation/appraisers/mag-mod/

Scotland and Wales have their own national appraisal and revalidation platforms used by all doctors (SOAR: http://www.appraisal.nes.scot.nhs.uk/ and MARS: https://medical.marswales.org/respectively).

It would be sensible to tell your Foundation trust to keep your Horus open before you finish your foundation training. It can be useful to keep a portfolio outside of your appraisal.

Med All are a fantastic company that provide a FREE open access portfolio for F3’s in the UK.
They can help you collect all the information you need for your appraisal including TABS and generate a MAG form for you and transform it into the correct format for various interviews.
See the link below: